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Macro Monday – tortoise

I have not much knowledge about the tortoise. Again, it’s not native reptile that can be found in my country, so don’t ask me its type. 

I often see tortoises while being abroad and have some photos. This photo is also made abroad if I am not wrong, in Turkey.

BTW, it’s last day of September. Do things will be different after the night? Life is as short as a routine day and long as the last day of something. Let’s not miss it. This day is dedicated to experiencing the most beautiful things.

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  • Do you know how the hearing of tortoise is developed? Is it:

    • Well developed
    • Poorly developed


What do you think?

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  1. Lovely photo of the tortoise..We have those in New Zealand but are not native here. People buy red eared turtles and then they don’t want them anymore and release them in a pond.
    I am not sure what happens to them, but I saw one rescued one day.
    Pets are a responsibility, it would have become prey or come to grief….abandoned.