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One of the emails I got the admin team a few weeks ago said, “we don’t read posts.” what that meant was that once something is published, the admin team doesn’t read the post. One of the things I want to be clear about is the definition of facts. I know the admins do not read posts often. Why? Because they said so in writing. First of all, to everyone that isn’t a verified user today, I am sorry you have to wait 3-4 and 5 days to get posts approved. I did want to say as well, that the moderators don’t check spelling or grammar. I know because when I wasn’t a verified user, I had several posts that made it onto the site with incorrect spelling and incorrect grammar. I fixed a few of those when we had the edit button. They were of a low view, low comment posts!

So what do we know for sure about the moderator’s role here on the site? We know that they are responsible for moving the posts on non-verified users from pending to published. A huge thank you to them for doing that. We also know that they check for plagiarism (I once tried to repost a Niume Article on Virily, and they rejected it as already having been published). So they check for plagiarism. They move non-verified users’ posts from pending to published. That is what we know. We do not know anything other than they do not read posts. I do know based on the posts I read (and my own) that they do not check spelling and grammar. I am also sure they, the moderators, do not fact check articles.

Going forward positively – what can we as a community do to help the admin/moderator teams shorten the article queue. Let’s have an honest discussion (be gentle) about what is possible? I have a couple of ideas, but as my dad always used to say, “I won’t poison the well before we all drink.” What could we do to help those who are waiting for posts to be approved? I’ve talked about sharing and reading the posts of others. The critical part of the second piece is actually reading the works of others. Open, read and then if you liked it upvote. Open, comment, and never read doesn’t do the author any good. Remember the person on the other side and leave them a helpful comment!

Every once in a while, I am going to pick three posts I enjoyed and share them. I call it my post highlight!

Docs post highlights:

  • Question of

    i like the post highlight idea…

  • Question of

    i am going to start doing post highlights too!!!!

  • Question of

    We are on lockdown where I am, you?

  • Question of

    lets make today a good day, ok?


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  1. Posts lose their validity when they are approved after five days. Period.
    When you have 8 -10 posts lined up, two are approved after 4-5 days or all in one go and no one reads them. Either way you lose out.
    Everyday I read posts and comment but when 8 of my posts are approved I get a couple of comments on some, others go unread, unnoticed and lost. Not complaining just stating facts.
    I do everything mentioned here. But it doesn’t work this way.
    I don’t expect members including you to do anything about this, but I want you all to be informed.

    • i do understand and i agree with you. I remember when I first joined this site i was 15 posts ahead (its why i moved my back up blog to 3 days after my Virily post). I was really frustrated by that for a long time.

  2. I do not miss those days of waiting a few days or more to have my writings published, especially when it is sports season. It was always like the value was diminished when it was not published before the sporting event itself.

  3. I am always happy to see positive attitude! Thank you for including my post.
    At the moment, I have no ideas apart from the ones we have all already mentioned, but I am always open for new ones.

    Regarding non-verified users, I don’t understand why most of them are still not verified. It would save the moderators some work too.


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