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You and I

This poem was written a few minutes ago – My letter of intent to the dreaded Covid19. I hope it makes you smile.

You and I,

we don’t belong together,

Now or ever,

never in my lifetime!!

Your words are virulent,

harsh and mean,

your touch is deathly,

painfully crushing,

causing even the strongest to scream!

Your hold is strong,

yet you flit along.

taking as many with you,

even as you cling to me !

You and I

we don’t belong together

now or ever

shall we ever be!

You are a plague,

a killer of many,

merciless executioner,

of the unwary!

Keep those strangulating arms at your side,

as I run indoors away from your sight

safe living they call it,

that is what I seek,

to be out of your reach,

from your lecherous arms,

to find health and healing ,

in the confines of my home!!

You and I ,

we don’t belong together.

now or anytime,

Never ever together!!

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Written by Dawn

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    • I hope so to, but as I read the news I understood that covid 19 is going to be around for a long time. Expert say that we may even learn to live with it as we have done with the flu.

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