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Keep the Embers Burning

In many chats after much training, it was revealed that so many participants had problems with their partners. Without mentioning the variants that cause these problems, what I want to convey is that if I can analogize that romance as an ember, things that burn or warmth the closeness, then the most important thing is how it stays burning, forever.

The problem that most often arises is the condition “normal”, meaning after all this time with everything has become a routine without fire. Cold, saturated, even much who does such as holding a time bomb. Priorities have shifted away from feeling to other things. Problems also occur when they place the priority of having a family, that the main and main families are families with spouses and children no longer the original family let alone friends who are strangers. Many assume that the person who is most guilty of freezing or burn the hell of their conflict is their partner.

There are also those who persevere to stay together so that they remain as a partner for the sake of children and a positive image in the community even though they no longer need to keep the embers burning because they are in the fire all the time.

Pictures are taken from Frepix, a website that kindly allows others to use their photos and images for free.

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