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just for fun sharing is caring quote mashup!

People always say I traveled a lot. I did. Over 1 million miles flown. But there are place sin this brave world I would still love to go!

here is one of them!

To me, this is Maya Angelou at her best. There are many poems of hers that speak beyond the pages. These are read by her, and I cannot imagine a world where her poetry didn’t exist.

My quote today is from one of my writing heroes. Also, one of my personal heroes

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

As we journey on this, Friday a special thank you to all the authors who took the time to add the WTF emoji to my posts. My wife says when I get to 20 (I am almost there) I get a gadget budget again! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I cannot tell you how much I have missed this author!

Anyone can join the just for fun mashup challenge. Just post a fun video, and then add a second challenge. Today the mashup is quoted Friday, just for fun and sharing is caring!

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