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Just For Fun August- Tomatoes

Kim has started another challenge:  August Just for Fun. For this month, pictures of plants and animals are required. So, let’s show some living world around us! 🙂

These were my tomato plants. I am saying ”were” because they are no longer. Due to nasty weather this summer, my tomatoes were completely ruined. Although I have some sprouts left in planters, I don’t dare to plant them in my garden, because they should, for certain, be ruined by rains, that haven’t missed a day so far. It was a pity, for all the plants were full of crops that were about to grow ripe in a few sunny days, that, unfortunately, hasn’t occurred.

  • Has your garden been ruined by the weather occasions?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I have no garden
  • Would you take part in this challenge?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

What do you think?

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  1. I am sorry your tomatoes were ruined, but at least you got to see the pretty flowers and maybe add some of the leaves to your spaghetti sauce? We used to thing tomato leaves were poisonous, well that is what they said, I never believed it. Now they are saying they OK to eat. Must be or I would be dead, rflol.

  2. I have to explain this explanation in Slavic:
    Je li bilo rajčice? Nedavno čitam raspravu u jezičkog grupi. Čak i u srpskom jeziku je paradajz varvarizam, germanizam. Navodno je naša domaća riječ – rajčica ili još jedan sinonim – crveni patlidžan! 🙂 Paradajz je, kao, sasvim strana riječ.

    • Bilo je puno zelenih, pre nego su se svi podavili. Dakle, nijedan nije sazreo. U pravu si za ove jezicke nedoumie, s tim sto je i patlidzan varvarizam. To smo pokupili od Turaka. 😀 Da rezimiramo, najpravilnije bi bilo rajcica, al’ ostala imena su se vec isuvise odomacila. Sto se mene tice, dokle god je dobrog ukusa, ime mi nije bitno. 🙂

  3. It’s a pity that your plants have been damaged by rain. Even Gandalf could not hinder such a situation. He once tried to stick the announcement board in his garden “Wind and rain are forbidden to enter”, still they don’t care.
    I am more fortunate because 60% of my plants are bonsai and the rest are garden ornamental garden plants.

  4. Awe, I am so sorry about the rains. I heard they have been bad. You should try a tiny green house, you almost have one there over the tomatoes. Just get some plastic covering.. You probably still have time for some early girls?
    I didn’t start one this year, I have some left over grape tomatoes that decided to pop up where the old ones were. They have blight though.. ugh..

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