Just for fun and Quote Wednesday

first off, as long acknowledged I am a space geek!

The image about 1:04 into the video is amazing!

good day to you!

I will neither agree nor disagree with this video. I will also enable my 5th amendment right against self-revelation!

i decided I should pick a theme for just for fun today. With the last video, i am sneaking into your computer and making you laugh! So the quote also had to be funny!


Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established.

George Carlin

Anyone can join the just for fun mashup challenge. Just post a fun video, and then add a second challenge. Today the mashup is Quote Wednesday!

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  • did you catch the second video? its a secret don’t tell anyone in the comments ok?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. Ahh, Mr. Walker. A dutiful, loyal citizen who even wouldn’t step on an insect. He was always conscious when walking. But when it comes to driving, the story is different. It made me smile, and smiling, I smiled a lot.

  2. I love the Philippine sunrise featured in the vid. There is another George Carlin’s quote which I find thought-provoking and laden with lots of truth. He said that there is no such thing as rights and that it is imaginary, an illusion, just like boogeyman 😜


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