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Just Dance ~ Silhouette Saturday

Since the end of last year, I have determined in mind that I will only post light things here at the end of the week; Friday and Saturday, maybe until Sunday, but apparently, it’s not too easy for my mind who often wander through the realm of reflection.

Since yesterday, I have insisted on continuing the ideas I have thought about before and ignoring the noisy ego protests, “Just like that?”. Yes, just like that! and I started that yesterday in my post of B & W photos, and I continue today. I have to admit, the standard that is put in my mind is indeed often too powerful.

Auh… even with that sentence I almost rolled into the path of seriousness…

Well, for this Silhouette Saturday, let’s just look and take a moment to see how the torn leaves dance by the wind under the sky with their serious artwork.

  • Can you imagine how the torn leaves moved by the wind?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Can you imagine what if you were one of the banana leaves?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Being a banana leaf is to be useful. People can use it as plates in boodle fight. Or a wrap to rice cakes and delicacies and even some viands.

    Someone sent me a message saying my posts are too serious and that I should inject humor into it to get a wider audience. I stop posting in his group because I do not like putting rules in what I should or should not write 😜. Life is already made up of too many rules and fitting into the crowd tricks. I wouldn’t do that in something I do with my heart 😛

    • As a fan of eating, you know very well what can be done with banana leaves!

      If we write according to our hearts, we do it as we please, unless we want to sell our writing like a book and hope that the reader will buy, then we must put the interests of the reader too.

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