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Just beneath the surface

Beneath what can be seen


what is no longer visible. was it once visible

did we in seeing dismiss

letting what was slide away

it was once, viable and drivable

but no longer 

dredging would find it

what we can no longer see

but would dredging reveal more or less than 

the pain of losing

the memory of who was


the dredging once against reveals

what was there all along.

what we feared in seeking

we would find it.

  • This is a poem I wrote about the pond behind our house. It was after a specific event invovling the pond ok?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about this poem. It could apply to so many things.
    After reading the comments. wow. I am glad it wasn’t the one out your backdoor. Such a sad story, but glad the family got closure and he was arrested.

    • when the thaw came in march the police were looking for a truck with a body. A woman went missing about ten years before when the ponds were being built. They realized that she had been near the ponds and that her ex-boyfriend had been working on houses in the subdivision.

      They scanned both fronts, back andour pond. They found the truck in the very front pond.