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I’ve just got my first payment from Virily

I was excited to see the PayPal email sent to me, and it’s payment from Virily. Though I joined Virily quite some time ago, I only started to be more actively lately, and I am happy to receive my first payment. Though I know Virily is paying, it’s still joyful to receive the payment myself. 🙂

I really appreciate Virily for providing this platform for us to write, share and interact with others, and also earning some money. I missed having this kind of platform ever since a few good sites that I joined have closed down, I am happy that I have found Virily. Thanks to the friend who recommended this to me and brought me back to Virily.

Thank you for those who have read and commented on my posts. Without your support, I certainly won’t be able to reach the payout, and I don’t think I have the motivation to keep writing too. Thanks to all the members here too, as reading the posts here is enjoyable too.

Let’s keep having great time around!

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