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My 7th Virily payment

Well here goes that time again! That time for another Virily payment! I thank not only Virily, but all of the contributors that have supported me with reaching this 7th payment. I honestly feel that I just went along with the flow during this period, sharing things that have my deepest interest. I have slowly fell in the rankings, but it didn’t stop me from consistently putting out relevant content pertaining to readers outside of Virily, too. 

I have to say that one of the sweet parts about receiving this payment is that the end of 2019 is near. And at this moment I am planning ways to go about sharing the content that I love with everyone. For my new readers, the one thing that you’ll notice about me is that I love to switch things up which keeps my drive high to share content with you. If you follow my content regularly and have not noticed it, I encourage you to take a look at the previous years that have went by because you’ll notice a change in the way content is shared.

I’ll end it with this, if you are chasing that first Virily payment, I encourage you to check out my advice given in 2nd Virily payment , 3rd Virily payment , 4th payment , 5th Virily payment , and 6th payment on how I reached it because all have differed.

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