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I promise as a boy scout! This post is really light, even almost without value nor quality! I just wanted to say that I finished my homework! At least twice I have talked about this homework where I feel I am indebted to the number of notifications since I was inactive for several months, and tried to make it reach point 0, where on the notification page it says “You have no unread notifications”. Indeed, usually as soon as that is achieved a few moments later there will be a new notification but it is sure merely about new posts or comments. The funny thing is, I read two posts from Grace and Rachael about the unique number of notifications that reached thousands. Unique indeed, but I think, that is the uniqueness that I must avoid.

So, those of you who have been dragged into the past, I mean your old post or mine, I’m sorry and thankful that you can understand it. Really, giving and receiving comments is important to me (doesn’t mean you have to visit or read my posts), but reading and replying to comments is equally important because being here for me is not about posting as much as possible but about interacting, sharing, understanding differences, respect and appreciate each other, improve the ability to write, ask and answer well, and especially learn something to enrich insight. Well, of course, that’s just my point of view.

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  1. I went, as you know, to Maine with my wife for 3 days. When she asked me to disconnect at first I was a little disturbed. It seemed unfair. But it was nice to disconnect. Then I returned and had a lot of notifications to go through. It took a whole day to get them gone.

    welcome to the clean plate club. Now you can have dessert!

  2. The motorcycle looks really cool!!

    It’s great that you have completed your homework. I always try to catch up with the notifications, though I don’t really have a lot, I don’t spend enough time at Virily. I wish to, but I have other stuff to focus on. Besides the notifications here, I am always working on my Inbox Zero homework too. πŸ˜€

    • I would like to say your appreciation to the owner of the motor, dear friend.

      Yes, as I said, 0 is important for me to be free to visit other users’ posts here. I am glad that you always try to catch notifications too. Beyond that, first thing first is an important principle.

    • You are right, and that is important to me, especially because we are in cyberspace where we cannot ask directly and then wait for an answer. Here we know who is willing and able to communicate and who is not so we can determine priorities, who (‘s post) needs to be visited and invited to communicate first.

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