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In The Rose Garden

One of my favorite thing about the month of May is that there are roses everywhere. However, this means that there are also bees everywhere. It’s always great to take a flower photo with bees, but that’s not an easy job when you are scared of insects.  Here’s one of my attempts.

I think it can be fun to let you say how many bees do you see in the photo or whether you see them at all.

By the way, I really like this kind of roses, it’s so colorful and beautiful.

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  • How many bees do you see in the photo?

    • Zero
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3


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  1. For sure I saw two, but I think a third was hovering underneath one of the roses on the right. It looked a bit blurry, as if in motion. They also hide themselves in the flower of behind petals. At least that’s what happens when I try to catch them with my camera. The roses are gorgeous.

    • Thank you very much! There were a lot of bees, but I managed to capture only 2. There were probably more bees working inside the flowers, but the answers were a little bit tricky on purpose. 🙂

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