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Do you like the rain? My favorite thing about spring rain is the raindrops on the flowers. Here’s a white rose photo I took this week after the rain.

The irony is that I always hide from the rain, but when it’s raining in spring, I go out looking for something to take a photo of. What about you?

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  • Do you like the rain?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

    • Going for a walk
    • Taking photos
    • Watching the rain through the window
    • Enjoying a book/movie
    • Sleeping
    • Other, tell me in the comments
  • Do you always open your umbrella when it’s raining?

    • Yes, I hate getting wet
    • Yes, if I carry an umbrella, I should use it
    • No, only if the rain is heavy
    • I never carry an umbrella
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  1. We don’t get much of that wet stuff here, when we do I am out taking photos. Usually just after the rain though, I only like warm rain, and will walk in it without protection, cold rain and I’m like a cat, will avoid it at all costs. lol


    • Cold rain is unpleasant indeed! I am like that too, but something happens to me in spring and I just don’t care. I guess I have been waiting for the flowers during the long winter and I just want to take cute photos with raindrops.



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