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The Journey to the Lost Poetry

There is nothing like those traumatic  dislocations in the middle of the night. A journey looking for the lost values. Looking for the  ...

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Reflections of a Brain Damaged Dreamer

Sometimes  a brain damaged  dreamer  can see things beyond the  sphere of our limited capacity.  Sometimes  an injury  to one of the most important...

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The Dance to Fool the Demons

Somehow in the middle of the chaos, a figure begins to dance.  A dance to dislocate the senses of the   depraved  predilections of...

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The Unknown Flamboyant Epidemic

Sometimes you start seeing  strange creatures walking in the streets or some weird life forms in the work place as well.  Then you realize...

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The Low Profile Portrait of the Shy and Paranoid Individual

The lines  are being used to create linear structures which softens or lessens the prominence of the identity of the individual.  In other words,...

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