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In the last two days I have experienced some unpleasant things here, on Virily. What is it about? Several times it happened that I could not open certain posts on the main page of the site. I had to refresh the page several times in order to open that posts. Also I could not comment unless I refreshed the page several times. The problem is that I don’t know if this is due to the site, or it is a problem with my laptop. So I need your help? 

Have you had such problems or do I have to check my laptop?🤔😑

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I have experienced the same problem.

    Let’s see if we are on the same page.

    1 open a few posts normally. The first few appear as the browser window I am in.
    at someone point Virily starts opening a new browser window.
    when that happens I can open two or three posts and then it stops.

    is that what happens to you? you then refresh and it goes back to opening the post as the same browser window.?

  2. Hey, I am facing this problem that my blog posts are still pending for past 3 days. I can’t see the pending posts as well. It’s not rejected by Editor as I haven’t got any post rejected notification from their side. Don’t know what’s the issue.. Need help…☚ī¸â˜šī¸

          • I wrote 3 latest posts about it because I didn’t know why I wasn’t receiving Virils, I don’t know how you could think I knew about that limit…

            I don’t remember which discussion and especially When it was, I only remember Someone Sometime told me or asked me if there is a limit for received views or comments where I claimed there isn’t since it’s written like that in the FAQ…! I was also never receiving that many views to even notice it’s different that it was written there, but now I was so I noticed and “complained” about it in those 3 latest posts…(!)

          • Well, it mattered to me to know that since I asked 3 times if someone is noticing the same… No, sorry, I don’t, I talk a lot with many people, and there are so many issues and problems here so I can’t remember it all.

            I also think it’s not since the NY but since recently because I was receiving a lot of views daily and never received that limit until just 3-4 days ago…

          • I also answered you some things and asked about some several times but you didn’t answer them and you are answering them only when those are commented in your articles so now you’re expecting me to dig into our conversations searching for the info you could have just told me in one line………

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