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I am Aloe Vera !

Aloe vera is a magical plant that has many benefits and regular use of it is very useful for the skin and hair while it is also beneficial to drink. Today I am We are telling you some of the benefits of Aloe Vera that can be achieved with just a few days of use.

For Hair Dandruff :-

Grind the aloe vera pulp, conditioner, olive oil and skull oil together.Apply this mixture to the hair and after an hour wash your hair. The hair will be very clean and soft.

For the skin :-

Regularly applying Aloe vera on the face makes the skin transparent and soft. If mixed with aloe vera in rice flour, it will be a natural treatment for back spots and dark circles.

For Sunburn :-

Put aloe vera pulp in ice cubes tray for sun-burned skin and after the freeze apply on the burned skin.

Dryness of hands and feet :-

In addition to winter, summer is also dry your skin due to lack of water. For this, grind the aloe vera leaves with honey and apply it on dry feet and hands.

Natural makeup remover :-

Instead of buying makeup remover from the market, combine natural aloe vera pulp, honey and glycerol and grind it to create a natural makeup remover. It not only cleanses makeup but also refreshes the skin.

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  1. I am quite amazed to know so many people have aloe vera plants in their yard. I have two pots of aloe vera plants growing in the yard. My mom has always told me to apply the aloe vera gel whenever we got burn or cut since we were young. Sometimes I use it to cook a dish or sweet soup too.

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