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I am a technologist – i have been for many years

My passion has long been technology. I moved into the professional technology world nearly 30 years ago. One of the things my wife always jokes is that she married a school teacher, not an IT geek. In part, my transition was more focused on where my heart lay. I loved being a teacher. Anyone that takes the time to teach and help children deserve the same honor as we give to military professions. “thank you for your service,” so I say that to teachers. They serve in jobs that can be hard. It is not easy to walk into a room of kids and, in a week, figure out who can sit together. Who should be in groups? Who can do assignments without needing help? Who wants to be there.

The funny thing, and the reason for my sharing this today, is that the skills I learned as a school teacher applied to IT. Teachers are excellent project managers. They look at the whole picture and have a great ability to see the impact of any one thing. Technologies are the same way, although the one thing many techniques struggle with is the machine to human interface system we sometimes call communication. What IT professionals are competent at is helping with problems. That brings me to my topic for today is a long round-about way—the idea of helping people. I know many people are stuck inside. They are living in their homes and cannot leave.

I am in the boat to a degree, although we do get out to exercise every day. I don’t think my dog would let me stay home without walking.

Based on that, one of the things I think we should all do is say something beautiful to someone. In a comment, in a voicemail or a text or some other online forum, say something cute. It doesn’t have to be poetic, Nor does it have to change the world. Just stop pick one, two of ten people, and say something beautiful. The world is in pain right now. Let’s all be part of the solution. Say something beautiful to someone today!

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    Hey tell someone they did you a favor ok?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Smile at someone (in a video call) Ok?

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    • No
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    Make someone laugh today!

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  1. I don’t think teaching profession is regarded as an important occupation although the motto is always teaching is a noble profession. Lecturers are preferred to teachers. The lower grade teachers deserve a very high salary because it is the same as a mother raising a toddler. They are the second parents to children.

    • a good friend of mine started teaching when I did. He always said to me “you aren’t going to be a teacher long.” I would say why is that?
      He would smile and say you’ll see.

      Every year he sends me a card, with the words Can you see now?

      • I read an article by an American writer who stated that teachers are quitting their jobs to do something else. Also when you consider the local governments aren’t providing enough money to cater to schools needs forcing teachers to fork money out of their pockets to meet some class needs.

        • they are. I know I could only do it for 10 or fewer years. The reality of the system prevented me from staying.

          It became all about passing the “test” and not teaching! Teaching is finding things kids are interested in and helping them expand that interest by improving the other skills needed (to learn about space you have to read. To understand dinosaurs you have to read)

          • You are right. It is the case here. It is all matter of passing exams ,not students gaining the knowledge and skills.
            In a month’s time after the, no work put in place by the government due to coronavirus, I will be handing in my resignation letter. Low or no payment that I owing to the institution close to an 8 months salary.I like teaching but it is becoming difficult.

        • I interviewed for a teaching job many years ago. The principal had read several articles I had written and said this to me:
          “you aren’t long for teaching.”

          Between that and what my friend told me every year in college, I realized I wouldn’t be. I miss the kids.

          I don’t miss the system at all.

  2. Teachers are the most important people in the world, being a teacher is the most important job. In Ancient Greece, teachers were celebrities, they were famous and rich. The sad thing is that we have created a world where the economy is the king and this brings a lot of problems as people do not love knowledge they are obliged to consume and compete.

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