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Hummingbird Moth ~ Saturday Critters


Sharing this incredible moth with Saturday Critters challenge. Some often mistake the Hummingbird Moth for a baby hummer or a bumble bee when they are actually insects. 

Hummingbird moths (also called clearwings because of the transparent patches in their wings) frequent gardens in full daylight.  At a distance, some black and yellow species resemble huge bumblebees. However, bees settle on the flower, descending into the bloom, while hummingbird moths feed in a tireless manner, seldom resting.

Hummingbird moths are found throughout the United States and venture as far north as Alaska. The hummer moths are normally 1-2 inches smaller than the hummingbirds. 

While hummingbirds live between 5-8 years, the lifespan of hummingbird moths is much shorter. The longest living moths live up to 7 months whereas some of the species live as little as 3-5 weeks. That is kind of sad they have a short lifespan. I will enjoy them while I can.

Captured this one on my deck Lantana. I have seen them in Dustin’s garden as well. I will get more photos to share later. They are absolutely amazing to watch. My sweet elderly neighbor called and said to hurry over to her garden, she had one on her thistle bloom. I was able to snap a photo of him as well. Added another photo below. You can really see how beautiful he is here…

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  1. Ok, so Carol sitting on the deck sees the hummingbird moth. Spring to the house to grab the camera. Spring to get the picture.

    less than 2 seconds is my guess on the time!

    Congrats, this is an amazing picture of a very rare moth!!!!

    • You were pretty accurate on the description. A few things different. I was inside at my computer looking out at the garden and saw the moth. Took only a few seconds to get to the moth. Thanks Doc.

  2. I saw the one like this in our garden this year. As I learned there are several similar species in Hemaris family, the one I saw may be not the same as yours)
    Lovely cute creatures! And stunning photo – the one you put under your first question!


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