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How to have more fun on Virily

Some Virily members have recently been getting themselves into a nervous twizzle by complaining about limits on views and comments and their loss of Virily-earning capacity as a result.

However, I am beginning to wonder if this is really such a sensible approach to take. Just think about it for a minute – you get one or two Virils for making a comment or viewing a post, depending on what type of post it is. You need around 13 Virils to earn a single cent, which means 1,300 Virils to earn a dollar. How many dollars do you need to buy a cup of coffee where you live?

Exactly. Is all this jumping up and down really worth the effort?

There is a better way of earning Virils. You publish posts. Just doing so earns you 15 Virils, or 30 if you can make your post a “Poll” rather than a “Story”. It doesn’t take long to do – you just find an old photo of yourself shivering in a tent in Yorkshire (for example), write a few lines that people might react to in one way or another, ask a few daft questions, then sit back and wait for the comments (and associated Virils) to roll in.

You can do all this in far less time than it would take to do all the viewing and commenting that would otherwise earn you the same number of Virils!

By the way, I find trying to climb the Rankings ladder much more fulfilling than earning tiny amounts of cash!

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Written by Indexer


  1. Thanks for healthy approach at Virily. Actually, I am getting tired of all the talks about virily limits. If any member does not like any limits or something else in Virily, I would advise creating own site instead of constantly complaining.
    Rankings? What it gives me? Nothing, so why to care about it? What the difference if I am in first, tenth or hundredth place?

    • I suppose it’s just playing a game – and most games are utterly pointless anyway!

      I think I get more pleasure from achieving landmarks than earning cash. I do this on Google Maps, to which I submit photos of places I have visited. I check every day to see how many views my photos have had and get quite a buzz from tipping over a landmark point. It was great to reach 50 million and now I’m nearly at 60 million. There’s no cash involved, so what’s the point? Absolutely none apart from playing the game!

  2. I’ll worry about that in June… my aim is to earn $16 or 18, I can’t remember by June so that I don’t need to fork out cash from my bank to pay for my domain hosting :p

    But 6 months should be more than enough to make that amount, I guess …
    if I don’t then Virily is really not worth so much of my time!

  3. I try to post happy posts and nature form my backyard along with sunsets. But I do have concerns about the site, however nothing can be done. So I try to move on.

  4. I suppose the point is that there is nothing to stop you from commenting – you just won’t get a Viril when you do. But is that really so important?

  5. I think the rankings also depend on the number of virils you earn. I don’t lose sleep over this, I do my thing here and move on with my other online work.
    But if you did notice talking about Virily issues, stats and how to make it big here earns more views than all those daft questions in the polls.
    So you do have a few players here who constantly create polls only around these topics. I read some , comment on some and move on.

  6. I had to smile as you provided light humour to this sensitive issue. It is a matter of balancing between posting and commenting.
    Good photo of you, by the way.

  7. You can see it under “Ranks” in the left-hand menu. It only covers the top 50 members, based on number of Virils credited to them. I can see that getting on the list will be difficult for new members, given that the person in 50th position at present has more than 88,000 Virils.

    • Isn’t that just weird? It has just happened again with one of your own comments – i went to reply to that specific comment and it whizzed off somewhere else! This comment may well do something similar!

  8. Wow!! That’s you there Good to see you.

    I have been posting happy posts about Virily but must confess I do look at rankings and my goal is to beat you ???

  9. That’s a very nice photo of you, Indexer. I’m not particularly worried about the money side of things on Virily – I don’t earn that much anyway. But it’s a nice little bonus when I get some go into my Paypal account. There are some good contributors on here, and like to read the posts of regular people on here.

    • That was taken about five years ago during a camping holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. For some reason the weather was particularly cold that week and tents are not good at keeping you warm! As I result I was wrapped up in my thickest jersey and clasping a cup of hot coffee but still shivering. My wife thought this was amusing enough to grab my camera and take a photo!