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Home Sweet Home

Ever since I became a stay-at-home mom, I enjoy staying at home more than I used to be. I always feel lazy to go out, not only I feel more comfortable at home, there are always lots of work at home waiting for me to get done.

We went back to hometown to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. After a day we came back to our home, we received the news that my grandmother-in-law just passed away, so we went back to hometown again for a few more days. It’s more than a week and finally we are back to our home. After being busy with making the steamed buns for my son’s class, and my parents’ visit in the last two days, now I can finally stay at home.

I like the feeling being at home, following my own routine and doing what I plan to do at home. I guess I am being lazier and lazier now. 😀


Picture credit: @kaka135 – Sand art drawing by my daughter (for fun)


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  1. I’ve done both, traveled and been home. It does depend on so many things. But, the honor of stay at home mom, would drive much more towards home for me. I think I would never leave in that case so I do understand your point!