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The kitten was dead…

The mommy cat just gave birth to 4 kittens slightly less than a month ago. The kids are happily taking care of and playing with the kittens.

At the beginning, we didn’t notice any differences of this kitten. But slowly, the kids noticed that the other kittens are growing much bigger but this kitten remains really small. While the mommy cat was nursing the other kittens, this kitten just walked away. It has been making noises very often throughout the whole day, perhaps it was hungry. This kitten also seldom played with other kittens.

Though we tried to take good care of the kitten and it seems like it was getting better, we noticed that it was dead when we came back from the park two days ago. Hope the kitten is living well in the Rainbow Bridge.


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Picture credit:kaka135 (The kitten that just went to the Rainbow Bridge is the black one in the picture.)

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