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A domestic sparrow, often just a sparrow, is a small bird singer from a family of sparrows who originally live in much of Europe and Asia, and with the help of humans he has also settled other continents and is the most widespread bird in the world. He is a bird of prey, a long 14 and 16 cm, gray-brown with a strong black striated back. Sparrows are kept in groups in all seasons, even during the mating season. They are nesting, eating and staying in groups. I photographed the sparrows in the picture at the bar where I was going to the coffee. They are very domestic and do not fear people.

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    Do you know sparrow?

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    Do you feed the birds in winter?

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Written by lado


  1. Yes they are cute little bird sunless you have bluebirds. They kill the eggs of a bluebirds and then will kill the bluebirds. It has happened over and over in my backyard.

  2. Oh yes we have sparrows here in North America or rather Canada where I reside. They are cute little birds and as you explained always grouped together. Unfortunately I cannot feed the birds as I live in a condo setting within a three storey buildings. If ever the birds were to go and do their business on one of the balconys because they were being fed nearby I would never hear the end of it. It is very unfortunate how some people do not enjoy nature and animals as much as I do. I used to feed the black and grey squirrels here and some people complained because the mice would go and retrieve some of the squirrels buried treasures and somehow manage to go into the garage of the upper building occupants. So no more feeding the squirrels. Boo hoo for me!

    • It is really sad that some people do not respect either the animals or the nature … I understand if the bird feeds the birds, food and feathers would also fly to the neighbor who lives under you

      • Nobody lives under me, they are all up higher but as I have said if ever a bird would land on their balcony by mistake and either drop bird seeds or do their business on their balcony, beware. Some people are so attached to their property that they see any animal droppings as an offense to their clean environment. I understand that but I would be much more upset it a human came into my porperty uninvited because humans know that they are doing wrong while the animals are doing it just because they can and they have to and not out of spite or trespassing.

  3. We’ve these here too!
    They’re considered pest tho…. they’re always around in food hawkers, waiting for the eaters to leave and then they’ll go for the scraps!