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I used to like going out when I was younger, but ever since I became a mom, especially a stay-at-home mom, it seems like it has become my “habit” of staying at home. I enjoy staying at home and sometimes I feel lazy to go out, especially having to go far away or might be caught in the traffic jam.

I still go to the park nearby or club house everyday as these places are just very near, and it’s good for the kids and myself to go out and exercise. Other than these places, I actually prefer to stay at home.

So now, I think I can consider myself a homebody. Besides feeling comfortable, there are lots of things waiting for me to get done at home. 😀


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  1. I am a homebody, seems odd since I always post hiking videos. A few years ago I didn’t hike, but still had to get the dogs out to run. They kind of kept forcing me out, then I realized I really loved it. I still love being at home.

  2. When my children were little, I also liked being at home and seeing them every minute, nothing more comfortable I cannot remember. But when they started growing, I also started feeling that I am staying at one spot, I do not develop surrounded by the same people, the same home chores and routine. I lacked challenges. That’s why I created my own business. It’s the best thing I done for myself. In my deep opinion, we just must sometimes leave out comfort zone and go to challenge ourselves.

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