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Back in 208, Hannibal was an excellent military commander who had made some daring moves in his time. There is one such a move, he made, that stands out, head and shoulders above the rest and makes you wonder if Hannibal wasn’t a bit nuts, when, in 218 Hannibal attacked Sagen Tum’ in Hispania causing, what became known as the Second Punic War, then, having tasted of the sweet cup of victory, he decided to take the war onwards to Italy. 

And here’s the crazy part, the trek to Italy was a terrifying and treacherous journey through the Alps and get this, Hannibal had 8000 cavalry, 38,000 infantry and 38 horses with him on the perilous trip. On his way to Italy, he fought through any and all resistance thrown at him and came out on top, pulling off what some would deem impossible, except for the fact that Hannibal actually did it.

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