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Gifts for the technical people in your life!

I had a fun conversation on another site yesterday, and out of that came an idea. The idea is what would you guy for a techie for the various holidays celebrated this time of year? So, I put together my holiday gift list for geeks! Or nerds or techies, whatever you are comfortable with calling or being calls if you are the person.

  1. A cellular phone car cup holder!
  2. A holographic monitor (that is right a monitor that can display holograms)!
  3. An AR headset! There are several to choose from.
    1. Hololens
    2. ANTVR
    3. Third Eye
  4. A VR headset
    1. There is the computer-based Oculus headset
    2. The stand-alone Oculus headset both are very nice!
  5. A 3d printer! (really expensive but lots of fun)!
  6. Moasure – a digital tape measure I mean who wants to measure anymore?
  7. Tiles – this is a Bluetooth enabled device you put on anything you lose. The next time you press a button on your smartphone and you know where your device is!
  8. Smart luggage! The newest craze is smart luggage! Not only does it power your devices when you cannot find a plug, but there is also software to help you with weight and other traveling issues!
  9. ARRIM a device that converts your phone into an AR measurement system. Turn any room into a scanner Artificial reality room.
  10. A laser pointer (like cats, techniques love to play with laser pointers)!

Just a few gifts you can get the techie person in your life. The last one is something they don’t give out at tech events anymore. I remember being at an event in Atlanta. A company gave out laser pointers as they give away. Shortly after their presenter started speaking, he had 400 laser points focused on him. Techies like cats love playing with laser pointers!

I realize many of the things on this list are a little more expensive. I would be happy to make another list of less expensive items if that would help!

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