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Five Random Facts about Haraka

Another fun challenge created by Fortune. Please check her original post about this challenge here.

Here five random facts about me:

• I have Ailurophobia – fear of cats. I have this phobia since childhood around 3 years old. I even too scared to stand or walk near a cat. Even until now it still hard for me to see the picture of a cat which sometimes becomes a personal challenge since lots of members here are cat lovers. LoL

• I love data, statistics, charts, and all that nerdy things. I also love puzzle, quiz, solving problems, and reading patterns. I’m a kinda nerd in that way.

• Haraka is the nickname that I’ve used since junior high school and it is from Japanese. I use it on all my social media accounts even most of my friends who I know from the internet called me in that name instead of my real name.

• I love books including reading and collecting them. I already know how to read at the age of four even before I go to school and start collecting books since elementary school. Right now my book collection already over 1000 and still growing.

• I have an interstate marriage. I’m from Indonesia while my husband is Indian. It was a memorable journey when we need to prepare two weddings in two different countries.

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  1. It is the first time I read about Ailurophobia. I am allergic to cats but I do not have a sickness. I always write the same comment when I read this kind of article. I speak sign language because my parents are deaf and I am a sign language interpreter. I think it is something special.

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