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Embraced by Peacefulness ~ Silhouette Saturday

Not at your party

I dance here

in motionless

in twilight

with silent songs

wind as ladies in waiting

the red lamp in the distance

in the indigo sheath

the dim light up the smile

when the pure dark side

do not want to show itself

presents pure happiness

who comes without overtaking

too not left out

embraced by peacefulness

cross the noise line

reach limitless planes

ensoul dimensional universe

always be with you


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  1. Such peaceful words here my friend. I got lost for a moment. And yes I have a peaceful heart. I let things go that used to stress me out, not worth it any more. Thanks again for these peaceful words.

  2. when the pure dark side…

    The poet wandered well off the beaten path today. Lots of brilliant imagery Albert. The line that struck me most is above.

    The pureness of a dark side goes to your post of the other day. It brings to mind the fear people have of the dark, but the silent dancer rejoices in that darkness.

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