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Dude Peeking ~ Alphabet Crazy

The Dude loves getting under blankets. It is still hot weather but at night it gets a little cooler. He took advantage of a reason to get under the cover here. He heard me with the camera and peeked out for a photo. He seems to enjoy the attention of the camera.

Sharing the Dude with Alibb’s Alphabet Crazy challenge.

Photo ©CarolDM

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    Pets are so entertaining. Do you have pets?

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    If you do have pets, do they like their photos taken?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. He’s so cute! I always find pets very lovely and adorable. I used to have a Labrador Retriever and I like taking photos of her. She died a few years ago, and I can’t afford (time and money) to take card of a pet now as I am busy with three young kids at home. My kids always ask us to keep either a dog or a cat. 😀