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Drinks that defy Imagination

Japanese soft drink company ‘Kimura Beverage’ is famous nationwide for its unique flavored drinks., which also makes soft drinks of fish eggs and pickles taste. People will definitely use soft drinks of any kind throughout the day. There are some of the most popular soft drinks worldwide that are sold in all countries. Although some countries have introduced their brands locally, some are not even known locally.

The Japanese citizen also introduced the soft drinks company locally several years ago, which is now being sold in 40 countries around the world, including Japan, However, many will not be aware of these drinks. 

Kimura Beverages, a soft drink company based in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, is less known globally but is very famous in Japan because of its unique  flavors. The taste of this company’s soft drinks is something that no other soft drink company can imagine.

Kimura Beverages prepared Soft Drink’ pickles flavor is very popular among the drinks, While soft drinks like fish eggs and potato flavors are particularly preferred. The list of flavors of the company does not end here, but Kimura Beverage produces more than 100 unique flavored soft drinks. Including “Curry Cola, Melon Bread Cola, a blend of melon and double bread fragrances”, and even the company ‘El Cola’.

Watch the detail Video here Drink that defy Imagination 

The Interesting thing is that about these drinks , that despite their unique  flavors they cannot be called bad taste, because experts from the Kimura Beverage Research Department have finalized each such unique taste after much research.

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