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Do you believe mankind will disappear one day?

We came here thousands of years ago, receiving the world as a gift. And we thought everything was just ours. We created the myth that Earth is for us alone, and beasts, trees, and mountains of the oceans should serve humans.

But we were bad hosts: the forests are almost gone, the beasts are almost gone, and pillars of smoke are rising from the cities of cement to heaven. And even where we are not – far north or deep in the sea bottom – survival is becoming increasingly difficult.

Do we care about that? Do we care that polar bears will disappear, that entire species of birds will disappear? Not much. Well, maybe documentaries will make us teary but turned around, we’ll start our deeds again. Let the world fix itself, somehow.

And it will fix, sure. It will become dark, it will shine, drown, and disappear. Once again the forests will be lush, there will be unseen beasts living there, nests of unseen birds. The sky will be filled with pink sunsets, the ocean will bring the waves to the white sand coast, and the constellations will shine at night.

Only we will be gone. There will be no humans. But maybe that must happen – some species will continue to change until the sun goes out…

© Fortune, 2009

  • Do you believe mankind will disappear one day?

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  1. I don’t like the word “disappear”, I’d rather say we’ll be replaced.
    A mass extinction is likely, but I hope some will survive and evolve into a new species. Not necessarily a physical evolution (though we could still benefit from that) but mostly spiritual, with a deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves and what surrounds us. A wisdom that transcends what we currently own.
    I think mankind will learn the hard way, but in order to learn, it must survive.
    Or maybe we’ll run out of chances and be completely wiped out. ?

  2. If by “disappear” you mean “cease to exist”, then my answer is NO. No, I do not believe mankind will disappear. Humans are eternal beings created in the image of their Creator. Their body is made from the dust of the earth. From dust we were made and to dust, we shall return. After death, we leave this world and our soul and spirit ~ which are eternal ~ return to the Creator who decides where our new home will be. That’s what I believe.

  3. I don’t know if mankind will disappear, but I care about the earth and I believe we all should be accountable to do what we can to take care of our earth, and other endangered species.
    It takes one person at a time to make a difference in this world..

  4. There are many different theories that it is difficult to really know. I just hope that it is true I will meet my loved ones again and then, whatever happens, happens unless there is reincarnation and I get back someday then I will want the Earth to be here

  5. It always was mindless arrogance to assume that it was all put here for our benefit, or to assume that there some deity in charge who would make sure that everything would work out all right in the end for just one particular species.


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