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Cyber Security is all of our problem!

Why should I care about Cyber Security? First of all, everyone that visits this post has opened a door on their computer. The fastest way to attack a computer is via the computer’s web browser. I am not saying this to scare you. The reality is several things will expose you to someone who wants to hack your computer if you are not careful.

  1. Always update your computer, when you see that you have updates from Linux, Microsoft or Apple always do the updates!
  2. Always update your virus scanner!
  3. Always scan your computer for viruses!
  4. Many good free Malware scanners have both Malware and Virus scanning on your computer.
  5. Change your passwords often.
  6. Change your passwords for the Money site way more often. (Virily is a money site, either PayPal or Payoneer connected). That includes your bank and other financial sites!

The risk is real. The reality is that hackers, for the most part, aren’t chasing individuals. They will, if you are not careful, get you with what is called ransomware. What that does is encrypts every file on your computer. You won’t be able to use any file until they are decrypted. You get an email from the hacker asking for money (anywhere from 50 dollars to 1400 dollars) and you will get your files back once that amount is paid. You can recover from that. The easiest way is to have a full offline backup of your data.  Following steps 1-6 above will reduce your risk. There are more things you can do beyond 1-6 that I have listed below.

  1. Have an offline copy of your files (second hard drive) don’t have it online very often.
  2. Don’t click on a link in an email or chat window unless you can see the full link!
  3. Be aware of the list of “things to know” below!
    1. Governments do not contact people and leave threatening voice mails demanding money right away!
    2. Apple sends emails, but their links always end in The same is true of all other vendors. Their emails don’t end in
    3. You can right-click on any URL to see all of it in a window before you click on it!

We must stay vigilant and aware. Cyber Security starts with you!!!!

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