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The Day Before You Came was a great Abba Hit, so, while us boomers are moving on at a rapid pace there is still some time to visit musical memories from yesterday. The day ABBA won the Euro-vision talent competition, no one had heard of them… And quite honestly, if it wasn’t for Australia, they very likely would never have enjoyed the MEGA stardom that they had. 

Their singing success is legendary, even by today’s standards. At one time, they were Swedens number one export commodity beating even Volvo cars, bringing in millions in foreign exchange.

For your listening pleasure, and mine listen to sweet Agneta sing this incredible hit song. CLICK HERE

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  1. ABBA has great music and songs and they will always be listened to. Andre, it is something I also discovered when you post you can click on the black piece that looks like a video camera and put in the link to a YouTube music video and it will show up on your post. The best way I can explain this now.

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