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Just For Fun – grey poll

July is here and so is Kim’s new JFF challenge! Grey is my favorite color because not only does it have light and dark values, but it also has warm and cool hues as well. Now I know some of you are saying “That is true of all colors, Alex…” and you are entirely correct; blue is the coolest color but teal is a warm shade of blue. Likewise, red can slip into violet which is cool by comparison

Due to the lack of chroma in grey, warm and cool hues become much more pronounced. That is your color theory lesson for today…

  • Question of

    How do you spell my favorite neutral?

    • grey
    • gray
    • muzumi-iro
  • Question of

    What is your favorite hue of gray?

    • warm
    • cool
    • neutrals should stay neutral
  • Question of

    What is your favorite value of grey?

    • white
    • black
    • grey
    • I prefer my colors to actually have color in them
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    Did you enjoy my color theory lesson?

    • Yes
    • No
    • My dog knows more about color theory than you do, and it is color blind…


What do you think?

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      • Yes. This goes back to Johannes Itten, “The Art of Color” in the beginning. Joseph Albers as well a little bit. But it is a preference that came from taking slides of my sculptures and glass. A neutral 18 percent gray is recommended . (a blue gray will look underexposed, etc…) — Anyway, I found that a color placed on a neutral gray field has some visual panache . This is completely a visual preference for me.

  1. Love this shot. I don’t like grey or black for clothes. Except for that little black dress.. I do like black and white photography, images, etc. I like black cars, charcoal, silver.. I tend to lean toward the cool greys, but nothing like a touch of warm in a nice shade of grey.. Okay, I am rambling.. !!

  2. I tend to stay with cool colors. They seem to be more peaceful. Not that you care about peace when you are creating. But with photography I like the cooler colors, except for flowers than I want the more vibrant.

    • I am more concerned with the whole “cool colors recede / warm colors pop” part of color theory, because the psychological side of color theory is subjective