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10 points Some Won't Agree With.

Being considerate should come naturally to us, but more often than not it doesn’t. One faces a whole barrage of nay-sayers, saying things like, “I once helped a homeless person who didn’t spend the $10 wisely.” Or, “you help them and what do they do? they buy drugs, booze, etc. Or how about this all-time classic, “I have done my share.”  There are many things you and I can do, that most don’t but should, that truly make life easier and more satisfying for others. There is a catch, sometimes onlookers won’t notice your display of kindness, or some don’t say thank-you, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is your heart stays warm and never hardens.

  1. When I used to go to the physio gym there was a man in his 80’s. I knew he liked the same shower as me if he came into the shower room as I was about to shower I would move to another shower booth so he could have it instead of me. When he arrived at the physio swimming pool I made sure to move out of the lane if I was in the lane that’s closest to him so he could have it. Making his life just a little easier.
  2. Other times especially at later times in the evening I would see some people counting out their change in a grocery store as if to see if they can afford it. I would ask, could I get that for you. If it was food-related.
  3. When l was active outdoors, I looked behind and in front of doorways and entrances to hold entrances open so one can easily walk through.
  4. One day I really appreciated it when I discovered someone sent me my driver’s license in the mail after finding it in a mall. They didn’t have to but it really made my day. So now when I find something rather than hand it to the business I started delivering it to their home or send it in the mail.
  5. Compliment and complement more. Always be thankful when people do something nice for you! It enforces that doing good is the best policy and most of the time it doesn’t cost a thing. Always find something nice to say when you come into contact with another fellow human being. It’s so rewarding to see someone smile and feel better because of something you said or did.
  6. If you can afford it try to always tip more or go without that extra cocktail or dessert to give in the form of a tip these people work so hard and earn so little and have all the same expenses as you and I.
  7. When going to the Home Depot and have a worker doing quite a bit of cutting off large pieces of wood at the saw machine. Hand them a $5 or whatever you have available and say have a snack on me. Sometimes you’ll hear, “can’t take the money” and you get a bit disappointed because they really do deserve to accept the appreciation, don’t sweat it, you offered.
  8. Often times rather than give money to the panhandlers and dumpster divers at the stores,  buy them a sandwich, a coffee and hand it to them on the way out.
  9. When someone runs out of gas it can be the worse thing,  try to help them get moving again.
  10. Whenever I was at the Home Depot in my wheelchair, I so appreciated all the folks that offered to help me with heavy items. When you are in a public place and someone is struggling with their bags or cart or large items offer to help them, most will appreciate it.
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