There was No Love – part 3

I  can speak of myself with certainty; I was in love with a man who didn’t love me, or want me, or think of me in that capacity.

This  man was perfect to me.  From his appearance to his voice to his  nature, I loved him with every atom of my being.

I was hopelessly in love with man who was  in love with a woman I knew and despised.

And that man I loved,  married that woman.

Looking at a photo of them taken a year after their wedding, the fact they  were in love with each other was obvious.

If you stood Patrick and I next to that man and his wife, the fact we  did not love each other would shout.

So we never stood together.

We never took those ‘look fondly at each other’ photos.

Of all that Patrick and I shared and exhibited, I would say the  awareness of how we would appear to others was the most significant  factor.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar