China Introduce Trump Shape Toilet Cleaning Brush

The anger of the tariff on Chinese products, China’s citizens, introduced the toilet cleaning brush in the form of US President Donald Trump and people rushed to purchase this cleaning purchase even in shortage of this brush has been observed in market.

The US President’s decision to tariff on Chinese products has angered Chinese citizens and Trump shape toilet cleaning brushes are not only shops but also being sold in 200 Chinese yuan online. In addition to this opening different websites and apps in China, Internet users are also encouraged to buy a Trump toilet cleaning brush.

A shop keeper said, Their Trump toilet cleanings brush are lightweight and stylish , which can easily ease the difficult toilets easily. Before this Trump toilet tissue paper  has also been introduced in the market, which was also presented in Germany in a exhibition in April this year.

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  1. One could argue that this product is intended to promote ridicule, rather than hate. And the truth is that Trump has chosen to make himself ridiculous, while dragging his country’s reputation through the muck.
    By the way, a patriot is not someone who is loyal to their president. A patriot is someone who puts their country before all else (including its president).

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