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Calling All Angels

A favorite song is Calling All Angels. When things get a little uneasy and worrisome, this song comes to mind. I am listening to it now as I have an issue I am dealing with on a personal level. It has become unsteady I could say.

I realize in life all you can do is all you can do. So much is out of your control. When it involves your loved ones, it really is a difficult situation. Many of you understand. 

My thoughts are with you that are dealing with illness and uncertainty. And now it has hit close to home. I will hope for the best.

Sharing this song with you. This one is performed by the band Train:  

                                                  CALLING ALL ANGELS


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Hope things work out for you Carol, life is a challenge sometimes. I had almost pneumonia 3 weeks ago and my husband was in hospital for 8 days with pneumonia. I was at home on anti biotics with a coughing virus that has been going around this area.

    Coughed so much it left me exhausted and it hurt.
    Everything is OK for both of us but it was a rough ride
    To be honest Carol, it has been a rough year but it’s soon comming right God willing..

    • It will one way or the other Pam. And I appreciate your kindness. I hope you and your husband are doing better. I knew you two had been sick. This year is almost over and we can all hope for a better year. Thank you again for your continued support.

    • So sorry Robin. You still have no answers.
      You have a great weekend as well my friend. Hope to see you soon.
      I am dealing with personal issues but maybe they will be solved soon as well.

      • Thank you very much Rasma.

        Our countries do not seem to be desirable. I think they made the selection.
        It happened before.
        I waited up to 5 days for my written work to be published.
        That’s how it is in our world. Big fish eat small ones.