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Overthinking ~ Quote of the Day

Continuing with my Quote of the Day series. This one is another of my many favorites….

Overthinking will destroy your mood. Breathe and let go.

Very powerful reminders in this one. Three quotes are what I read in this one. 

First, overthinking definitely destroys your mood. Easy to say not to do this one, but hard to stop. I am a work in progress. I work on this one all the time. And am better than I used to be.

Remember to breathe, I have said this before. Long deep breaths are helpful during difficult times.

And the last one is Let Go. We have to learn to let go of certain people and things in life. The things we cannot change we have to accept and go on. Walking away can be hard but necessary in life.

OK. I am done for today. I just felt the need to share this one. I hope it helped someone.

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