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Bringing together uses cases and Total Addressable Market

The concept of language is one that interests me. In part, because over the years, I have been exposed to, but never learned four different languages. The four I’ve spent a lot of time with or around are French, Thai, Malay and Spanish. Of those four, I am more likely to understand Spanish. But, honestly, when Spanish is spoken between two native speakers, I have no chance of translating fast enough. I know that because I’ve tried.  I taught a class in Mexico city once, and a few of the folks in the class asked if they could do their final presentation in Spanish. I had to think about that for a long time. It wasn’t that I figured they were going to curse at me in Spanish, more than I wouldn’t be able to understand fully.

We ended up compromising. One of the team embers wrote down the main concepts of the presentation in English, and I watched the rest of their presentation style. Style points count when you are speaking. If you know your material, people can tell. Then I review the main points with the class from the sheet taken down by the other team member. That bought me additional information, did the lessons taught to make it to the note taker and the speaker. When you are asked, as the class was, to make an impassioned presentation doing it in your native language is much easier overall. Now, I would simply plug in Pilot or Travis and wouldn’t worry about translation!

Technology and innovation continue to evolve. The use case “help me understand Spanish as a non-Spanish speaker” is one that many people want to accomplish or have. Translate languages for me as I move through my day is something that is of value. So to consider the value of translation, we can now bring together two distinct business themes. The first is as mentioned yesterday, a use case. The larger the population of people, the use case supports the other side business die of the problem, the addressable market, increases. You see, if people need and want to use the solution you’ve offered, then your chance of selling your solution increases. The total addressable market is driven by finding use cases that impact a larger group of users. Use cases and total addressable market are critical things for innovators to consider

  • TAM is the total addressable market, do you know what happens when you capture 100% of a total market?

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  1. It’s an added skill to be able to understand different languages. I can only speak our national language which is Filipino and English being the international language. There was a time when Spanish was part of the curriculum but it was removed before I entered college. We are lucky to have online translating applications.

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