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Blue's Black Paw ~ Macro Monday

This is Blue’s paw in close up. Unlike Susie or Black whose their’s are pink, the paw of Blue’s is black.  I don’t know for sure what causes the color difference, and as far as the explanation I can get, the color of the paw adapts to the fur pigment.

It is said that cats with red fur will have pink paws, while gray or black furry cats will have gray, blackish, or even black paws. There are also certain cats that are mixed in gray with black motifs and there is also a combination of pink and black. I am increasingly curious about that opinion, even a bit confuse because Susie is gray and Black, of course, has black fur while their paw is pink.

  • This is Black’s paw. Do you know what causes the color difference in cat paw?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. You’re right, it mostly has to do with fur pigmentation.
    I never had cats but two guinea pigs. One was about half black and half white, including the ears: one was black, the other was pink.
    Paws usually match the fur, but they can also match the nose.

  2. Oh my these are the cutest and the most imaginative poses I have ever seen of a cat. Their paws are beautiful, aren’t they, whether they be black or pink or a combination of both. Also, these little paws look so clean compared to my Runt’s paws which are pink but have dirt all over them as he is almost all day outside lately with the coming of spring and summer… Say hi to Black, Blue and Susie for me…

    • The idea of taking these pictures appears when they sleep by showing their paw, and both are different.

      They are more inside the house and I always clean them every time after they came from outside or my wife will sing louder than the heavy metal song that I listen to.

      I’ll say your Hi to them. Thank you soooo much, dear friend.

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