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Black Rain

Words of love

may too obsolete

for us

even if it was awaited

when the heat has dried up

world of this and that

triggering frustration

rouse disappointed

if it prevents the desire

to step too though

when it has drowned pleasure

with a flood.

Then what about black rain?

Is that worse?

Or is it just an illusion to drag hope in a vortex?

Or maybe,

just a way to force the eyes to close and see the light behind the eyelids?

is this just for me

or for all of us?

Should we let it be?

or should us let the mystery

stay as it?

and let the wise eyes

saw its beauty?

Digital painting by Albert Herdie – from part of Life of the Cosmos series – Black Rain.

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  1. Nice poetic prose. I have never experienced black rain before except for short bursts of depression but I remain alive and kicking. So glad to read, see you, hear your words again Albert. Missed you a lot. Hope you and your family and the cats are doing OK…


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