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Before You Publish It

There are some here who are writing fiction and even publishing books a few chapters at a time. There are some who journal here. There are some who simply post pictures. There are those who only read. It would seem that there is,  or at least should be, room for everyone. If I post something that is fiction I mark it as such. I rarely do that. In fact I may have removed the only thing that was. Stop! Let me get back on track.

There are three things I have to say out loud before I publish anything here.

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it helpful?

There have been times I have reacted and been hurt and angry and still every post I ask those three questions as a reminder of who I am and who I want to be. 

  • Do you ever ask questions before you hit publish?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. When I publish information (my tech posts or Virily posts) I add one more thing.

    Can I find two valid sources?

    I find that one source doesn’t work anymore.

  2. I usually share my thoughts and memories here. It may not be of great help, but I like this site because it gives me freedom to express myself. However, I don’t write hurtful stuff or anything negative.

  3. I write what comes from my own thoughts. I give credit to images if they have been taken from the Net and they are mostly from wikimedia or pixabay

  4. We write what that matters to us or stuffs are interested in.
    We can never predict what can go viral… in fact some viral stuff don’t even make sense … lol

  5. I always check myself to be sure that what I write makes sense and then I check plagiarism just in case I have used words similar to someone else’s article especially if what I write comes with information online and only then when everything is 100% OK I post. I was once very surprised. I was reposting one of my poems I had written some time ago and it was no longer posted online. So I brushed it off and was about to send it on its way when I mistakenly checked it also for plagiarism going through several articles quickly. If any of the other articles had problems it should not have been my poem but there it was my poem showed that it was someone else’s. From many years ago someone had rewritten my poem and placed it on a Chinese blog. The blog appeared to be neglected but was still online and thus my poem was no longer mine. I never complained because so many years had gone by and I didn’t even know who to complain to.

    • Oh great! No I have to make sure it makes sense. Wow I never thought about running a check. Which plagiarism tool do you use. I cover a lot of common topics so that would probably be good for me. And I have the blog and thousands of posts on old web sites.

      • I use a free one and it is very good. You search for search engine reports and then click on the plagiarism checker. The best thing is if it says there is some similarity it gives you links to it and then you can compare and fix your own article.

  6. There are a myriad of different types of posts here from a collection of very different people. We all think and write what is uniquely us!

  7. I think we post different things here because that is how we are feeling at the moment. And we are basically writing about how we see our life and how we think it affects others.
    so please let’s all post things as we use too!