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Astrology Poll

I just wanted to know what the peeps here think about this subject.

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    What’s your zodiac sign?

    • Aries
    • Taurus
    • Gemini
    • Cancer
    • Leo
    • Virgo
    • Libra
    • Scorpio
    • Sagittarius
    • Capricorn
    • Aquarius
    • Pisces
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    Do you believe in astrology?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you read the horoscope?

    • Yes, daily
    • Yes, sometimes
    • No
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    Do you know what your ascendant/rising sign is?

    • Yes
    • No
    • What’s a rising sign?
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    Would you like to see more content, such as articles, quizzes or polls, about astrology?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by sabtraversa


  1. I was the biggest skeptic in the world until I actually studied astrology and found it to be utterly fascinating. Some of my favorite quotations are from noted astologers. The first is Linda Goodman’s response to an interviewer who sarcastically asked her it she really believed in astrology whereupon she replied, “Do you believe in Wednesday?”

    • I was affected by my mother’s interest for astrology, therefore I was never skeptical. However, I had to find out more to make the topic interesting to skeptics. 😀

  2. Some questions are not so easy as a boolean choice of yes or no. I am going to take an Italian Cuisine quiz after this. I should do quite well. (I can say that now)

    • I just find astrology to be fun, guessing what some elements mean and so on.
      It’s okay to receive hints, but we are the ones who know ourselves the best, therefore I believe an accurate interpretation can only be achieved if we actively work on it. 🙂

      • On the claim that we know ourselves…I respectfully disagree. Far too many are self-deceived and otherwise deceived by the hegemony to actually know themselves and they have been scared away from looking within by the multitude of asocial liars and “religious” imposters of beings with anything more than four chakras activated and clean.

        • We would be the ones that knew ourselves the best, if we were able to hear our own voice clearly, with no preconceptions but an open mind, of course.

          • It’s easiest on the astral. Sometimes, though, the truth about ourselves is a harsh thing.

            To anyone who ever wishes to open their third eye and astral hearing, know that you will see and understand the damage done by your every sin.

    • I have very little knowledge about Asian Zodiac, that’s why I didn’t include it but I understand and agree with you. Were you thinking of Chinese, Vedic or other? It’s the only two I’ve heard of. I only know I’m a Pig and for Vedic astrology I would be Libra instead of Scorpio. 😀

        • Aww, I like dogs! 🙂
          It’s probably inappropriate to try to create a link between Western and Chinese astrology, but one planet that changes yearly is Jupiter. However, while the Chinese year is quite fixed and precise, Jupiter tends to not have a set time for switching sign every year. I’m referring to the Jupiter in the birth chart, by the way.
          The Western birth chart is mainly about personality, while the Chinese zodiac tells about both luck and personality.
          Therefore, a person who has dog as Chinese sign is likely to have Jupiter in Scorpio, although obviously there’s a margin of error.
          I’m happy it’s the year of the Dog because it means it’s also the lucky year of Scorpio, for Western astrology, hehe. 😀
          Next year it’s my year instead, pigs and Jupiter in Sagittarius unless it changes its mind. 🙂

    • Libra is usually patient, thoughtful and romantic, because of the influence of Venus. However, we’re approaching a short period where feelings are somehow left aside: in a month Venus enters the opposite sign, but that only lasts about a month.
      The previous year must have brought good news and changes, this year is supposed to be calmer, as it’s now time for Scorpios. 😀
      Libra is also an air sign, and that makes it talkative, willing to engage in conversation and intellectual stimulation is also pretty important. They like having a rich vocabulary too.
      They’re also driven by justice and equality, their symbol is a two-plate scale after all. They don’t get angry easily, but when they do, it’s often because of injustice; for instance, when someone doesn’t cooperate as they should.
      And Libra is often fine with compromises.

      Then, of course, one sign can’t fully describe your personality. I suggest to check your birth chart and its description. 🙂

  3. Don’t believe in astrology at all, but your poll is very interesting! Maybe, you can help me to understand what my zodiac sign is, cause my birthday is September 23rd, and some people tell me, that my sign is Virgo, but other assure me that is Libra. So-so.

    • Technically, you’re a cusp. It simply means you were born between two signs so you may have qualities of both, it can happen. 🙂
      However, if you can still find out what your one Sun sign is, you would need to visit a website that makes you a birth chart for free: you’ll have to enter your date, hour and location of birth and it will tell you what your sign exactly is, as every year the Sun enters a sign at a different time, so there’s no certainty you’re one or the other until you consult the birth chart.

  4. I don’t believe much in it, but I have friends who are very interested in this topic and I’m sure that many people would enjoy more content related to astrology. 🙂