Which Dog Breed Are You?

No, this isn’t a quiz or poll. I just thought this girl’s video is interesting because she matches a dog breed to an astrological sign. It was also interesting to listen to the dog breed for the other astrological signs, as I think of someone I know with that sign and if they act like that dog breed. Some of it makes sense, but I am not a dog expert. I just think animals, whether dog, cat, or other animals, are cute.

Aries is Chihuahua

Taurus is French Bulldog

Gemini is Corgy

Cancer is Samoyed

Leo is Doberman (Yeah, sure, I can see that my astrological sign personality might resemble a Doberman. I even have their slim and lanky body type. But I think that Dobermans probably have better posture than me, although my posture has improved when I started doing yoga).

Virgo is Poodle

Libra is Beagle

Scorpio is Akita

Sagittarius is Shiba Inu

Capricorn is Collie

Aquarius is Jack Russell Terrier

Pisces is Labrador Retriever


What do you think?