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Astrakhan Action – vs

Just thinking about my latest white Russian. Specifically about the background in general. Which is to say, I could do any sort of abstract background or another type of realistic background. So you’re actually picking categories here, not the actual backgrounds shown…

  • which type of background do you prefer?

    • abstract
    • realistic


What do you think?

21 Points


  1. I went for realistic. Some blue ice, glacial ice might be cool. (sorry)
    You know it will be popular – it’s been so hot everywhere…. blue ice!

  2. Let’s wait to see what others have to say

    Talking about the VS posting I did try one but I keep getting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ How did you get those SLOTS where you have mentioned abstract and realistic?

    • are you talking about creating a versus poll yourself? just select the yes or no text and then type the replacement word. with the caveat that you’ll want to save and preview any quiz you make, as virily has a mind of its own…

      • You should take over Virily. Thanks a ton. I am going there right away I have got the post ready and waiting but this was stopping me. ?

          • It was in the drafts section all along After your advice I rushed there did the changes and put it back in the draft section a couple of times. It is now in the pending folder Believe me veterans can help us newbies in a big way and we do not have to disturb Admin.