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Another person in an Auto-Pilot crash – there are no driverless cars in production (today)

In the world of tomorrow, we will have some interesting concepts that are going to rise. They, the concepts, will cause ethical issues. One of them is happening today. The Tesla Auto-Pilot system is blamed frequently for driver issues. In nice words, the Tesla crashes and the car and auto-pilot are blamed. Here is the reality of that – the AutoPilot system on a Tesla is not a self-driving car. It is a driver assist system. If you take your hands off the wheel, and you crash, it is really on the human driver. But we don’t always see technology like that. I have a really good friend that has stayed away from the voice-activated and digital assistants until recently.

He bought one, I was stopping by his house, visiting, and he wanted to answer the phone using Alexa. The phone rang, he used the proper nomenclature (Alexa answer my phone), but it didn’t work. He called m on the phone and asked me to stop by. I knew the minute I walked into his house why Alexa wasn’t working properly. It was connected to his POTs line (Pots is Plain old telephone service). I showed him what he needed to buy on Amazon to connect his Alexa device to his phone line. There has to be a connection for the system to work. The same is true of my first example the Tesla Auto Pilot. It isn’t a truly driverless car, as there isn’t an AI-focused on driving.

The reality of technology is that technology is a tool. Technology doesn’t do anything without a human today. Yes, there are automated systems, but they are designed by humans.

Soon, as 5g becomes more and more available, driverless cars will appear. But they are not the cars you see today. They will be different. It is a critical thing to remember that only a few cars have production Auto-pilot systems. There are not production driverless cars today. There are custom driverless cars, but those are not fully production-ready.  It is important that we always remember that as things appear, we fully understand what the impact will be.

Auto-pilot is not driverless.

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  1. I have no problem being driven by a computer-generated driver. Maybe, they should consider installing a robotic driver.
    In any case, I worry about the mental state of the future generation. The advancement of technology for all it’s good intentions is weakening human bonding.

    • did you know that there have been more than 1 million miles driven by driverless cars with two accidents?

      Both of which were caused by humans, not the driverless car.

  2. This is a professional warp, my friend … I have a hard time trusting one to drive me …. I would never sit in a car without a driver

  3. if all the cars were driverless, it would be fairly simple to implement. but if the software has to account for erratic human driving, this will be much more difficult…

    • yes we as a technology provider system are not quite ready either.

      The good news,
      Driverless and better auto-pilot systems will reduce rear end collisions. That is the number one insurance claim in the US.
      They will also reduce issues with aggressive driving (the number one cause of deaths on US roads)

  4. Well, as you say humans design driverless cars and it still needs work to make this better.
    I think if you have a vehicle almost train like with a one train like track you could go back and forth from one point to another without too much risk ..depending on the machine made.

    It probably would not be practical, but these things will work out in the end with trial and error