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Alphabet Crazy Challenge: B for Books

As far as I can remember, books are my first love. I love to read them as well as collecting them. I also love the smell of it. For me, the smell of a book is so relaxing.

I always love to read since I was 4 years old, but I start to love collecting the book after my uncle bring me to the bookstore for the first time when I was in elementary school. The first time I enter the bookstore, I just feel like I am home. Looking at the books arranged on the bookshelves just give me some kind of satisfaction.

That time, my uncle asked me to pick one book to buy and I choose a comic book called Doraemon. It’s a famous story from Japan about a cat robot from the future who helps an elementary student who struggles with his study.

After own my first book, I feel different experiences with reading. Before, when I want to read something I usually borrow it from my school library. But I never like to read a book from the library. The main reason because my school library is quite small and their collection is not up to date as well. So, I don’t have lots of options to read. Besides that, I always want to own the books that I read so I can re-read it every time I want.

Since then, not only love reading I also love to collect books. I always save my pocket money so I can purchase books every month. Now, my dream is to own a personal library to display all of my book collections.

If any of you interested to join this challenge, you can check alibb’s original post here.

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  • Question of

    Do you like read a book?

    • Yes, I love reading!
    • No, it make me bored
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    Do you like to collect the book?

    • Yes, I love to own them
    • No, I prefer to borrow them


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Written by Haraka

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