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Favorite Author Challenge

I recently got a new bookshelf, which means I was able to rescue the creme de la creme of my library from my parent’s house. Whilst organizing my collection, it occurred to me that a useful metric for determining a favorite author might simply be real estate; who takes the most shelf space?

By that metric, my favorite author is easily Gene Wolfe; not only does he have a dedicated shelf, he spills over into the paperback section so he is the clear victor

Who is your favorite author? Use whatever method to determine favorite status that you’d wish, but please call out your methodology along with the winner in the comments. If you really want to, you can post about it and use the tag #FavoriteAuthorChallenge

  • Who is your favorite author?

    • Neil Gaiman
    • Stephen R Donaldson
    • William Gibson
    • Michael Moorcock
    • Jonathan Caroll
    • PK Dick
    • HP Lovecraft
    • Robert E Howard
    • JRR Tolkien
    • not listed here (write in comments)


What do you think?

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  1. I will have to get back with you on a favorite. Most of my reading over the past few years have been about child loss, self help, learning to live again, etc. Self help books. I have not found many books that hold my attention and focus. But I am still working on the Gene Wolf book The Shadow of the Torturer.

  2. Of course if # of volumes were the criteria I would have 2 other authors, Natsuki Takaya’s “Fruits Basket “series and Kane Hazuki’s Say “I Love You”. I finished the 18th book a few weeks ago, and now wait for something new from Hazuki to reach the American market.

  3. My favorites are James Baldwin (No American author has written about race and sexuality with such perfect righteous experienced passion!) and Ernest Hemingway. His prose is like a high resolution camera that puts the reader in the picture. I ;love them both…

  4. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. His books a lot of times have a bittersweet ending. You never know which way he will go, but no matter what his ending turn out to be, I have never been disappointed.

  5. I really enjoy horror books so Stephen King comes to mind. My next favorite is action symbolized by David Baldacci. My third select author is Dan Brown with his best seller “The DaVinci Code” and its follow up. I have several more authors that I enjoy reading but their names escape me for now as it is 11:35 p.m. right now and my bed beckons me. But thank you for letting me express myself.

  6. I have several favourite authors that I like. JRR Tolkien is one of them.
    However, the one I’ve been enjoyed reading is David Baldacci.
    I just like getting into a book and getting into the story straight away from start to finish.
    Some books take about 20 pages to get the car over one hill.


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