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A scam artist is one of the Virily members. This is a WARNING don’t be fooled!

I received  a private message here in Virily from this person needing to share something to me.  Thinking that she might be one of the  members who was  sking tips on how to get views and use Virily, I sent an email that account asking how can I help her.

She responded…  and now I know this is the beginningst of a scam.  My instinct told me to  immediately searched for this kind of  modus operandi and it is absolutely right!

I have reported this to Virily and hope that they will do something about this matter, before he./she victimizes some naive members.

  • The message was “She inherited a huge amount of money from a poisoned husband, but she has a cancer and dying. She needs someone to take care of her inheritance of $4.5 Million to donate to a charity of Widows and homeless children.

    • ? She can donate it herself because she is still alive. Why me?
  • I could have believed her because she and her husband are both Christians. She blesses me and talked about God several times in the email.

    • ?? Christians Fellowships are tight knits, and I don’t even belong to her group. Why me???
  • She is from the Philippine. But I am sure that the picture below was just stolen.

    • ???If she is a Filipino … she should know that it is Philippines with s. and she doesn’t need me to do this task because for sure she got a lot of relatives and friends.
  • If i continued my correspondence with her, she will ask me to send her $150.

    • ???? Wrong person, I may look a gullible person, but I definitely won’t send money.

What do you think?

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  1. I also received the same message from that person! My first action was to check the user’s profile and also immediately put the name in Google search which turned out she was indeed a fraud.

    I myself have received such private messages twice here and several times before on two sites like Virily too, even those that directly entered my email.

    I suggest to all friends that we don’t immediately send emails to such people because email addresses are valuable personal things that can be used to do many things by irresponsible people.

  2. Scam artist is too much of a compliment.
    Philippines in the profile and Ivory Coast in the e-mail, it almost seems like she copied and pasted a scam e-mail, bad one because it doesn’t make much sense.
    It looks like the account is no longer available here, thanks for reporting! ?

  3. Same here, she contacted me too and I just ignored her …

    Also I’ve seen some “reader’s digest” scam … they mail you something weekly (say like you moved forward into next round …blah) … and then you just keep mailing back (since mailing fee is paid by them)…

    Eventually, you’ll need to subscribe to the digest to move forward …

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